A gallery of pictures from the Goswami Yoga Institute. The folders contain examples of exercises, pictures from earlier seminars and a mix of photographs from the 1940’s and onwards.

The pictures have various photographic quality. Some are from private collections, others are taken by professional photographers.


Dynamic and static yogic body postures with mental control.

Surya Namaskare


Breath Control.

Kapâlabhâti – Bastrikâ − Ujjayi (with chin-lock)


Purificatory exercices.


Yogic bodybuilding.

Dinabandhu Pramanick

This photo gallery is dedicated to Dinabandhu Pramanick, Sri Gswami’s closest disciple. He was a model of self-discipline and faithfulness, an accomplished Hatha Yogi with outstanding control over his body and its most intimate functions. Sustaining strict celibacy throughout a life he mainly spent by the side of his beloved guru, Dinabandhu Pramanick dedicated all of his time and energy to being a model of discipleship. The skilled yogi came to play a pivotal role in demonstrating Hatha Yoga’s high credentials as a pragmatic philosophy.

His life can honestly be described as that of someone who, in utmost modesty, reached the highest ideal in life, the ideal of a radiant, enduring human being, pure and vital – a deva deha in yogic parlance.

Illustrations of the Chakra System

These multicolor pictures are selected from the book Layayoga:The Complete Guide to the Chakras and Kundalini by Sri Shyam Sundar Goswami.

Newspaper Articles

This is a collection of newspaper articles which drew attention to the tours, lectures and demonstrations conducted by Yoga pioneering Shyam Sundar Goswami and his closest disciple Dinabandhu Pramanick between 1949-1954.

Seminars and Tours



Basile P. Catoméris talks about yoga

Excerpts from New Realities Talk Show, New York City in January 2013. It was recorded in relation to the launching of ADVANCED HATHA YOGA by Shyam Sundar Goswami and FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA by Basile P. Catoméris.